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Roger 2015 hillclimb gallery PDF Print E-mail
Here is a great batch of historical images from Roger Boothroyd.
From Roger: 
Here are the first of a number of Mt Douglas Hillclimb pictures that I have.  The first one starting with DAB61F is the start at the bottom of the hill.  Next, DABA25, is another one of an unknown rider going up the hill.  DAB625 is #44 Bill Smith on his Triumph with Stu Timbres standing in the background.   DAVEMO-4 is #23 Joe Brown on (I think) a BSA.  DAVEMO-3 is #18 Jack Heanski on a Matchless.  Next is DAVEMO-2 is no number Ben Hircock Sr. on a Matchless 500.  DAVEMO-1 is #24 Ken Wilkens on a BSA Gold Star with Bill Smith and Stu Timbres (referee) in the background.  All of these were taken in 1958.  33ALBA-1 is a newspaper article about Al Barclay in 1957 and 13ALBA-1 is Al Barclay at the start on his Matchless in 1956. 
 Another group of Mount Douglas Hillclimb pictures.  MELBIS-1 is Mel Bissenden #17 - 1953.  JOEPOP-1 is Joe "Pop" Hyde (Terry's Dad) on a Tiger Cub - not sure what year.  DAVEWH-1 is Dave White falling while Joe Brown helps with the bike - 1950.  DABAED-1 is Wes Morhart - 1956 - on a BSA.  DABA15-1 is Ken Wilkens on a BSA Goldstar - 1956.  DAA9E4-1 is Al Bosher - 1956 on a Matchless.  DAVEMO-4 is Al Barclay - 1956 on his Matchless.  DAVEMO-3 is Wes Morhart #17 with the FW Francis trophy - 1958.  DAVEMO-2 is Bill Smith #44, Wes Morhart #17 and Terry Hyde #15  - 1958.  DAVEMO-1 is Tom Richardson #1 (VMC and Canadian Scramble Champion) on his Triumph - 1958. 
More Mt. Douglas Hillclimb pictures. 
MODA9C-1 -- no number but it's Roy Chester.  MO12F6-1 is Reg Shanks on a HD.  MO8250-1 is Joe "Pop" Hyde on a Vincent HRD.  MOA1FE-1 is Newt Cameron probably on a Vincent.  MO2237-1 is Mel Bissenden #17 on a Triumph.  MOUNTD-4 is #23 Joe Brown on a Triumph.  MOUNTD-3 is Joe Brown #23 on a Triumph in the pits.  MOUNTD-2 is Denny Kempton #18, MOUNTD-1 is Charlie Arnold and last is MELBIS-1 -- Mel Bissenden on a Triumph.  All pictures were taken in 1953.
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