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Tue, Feb 16th, @7:30pm - 10:00PM
Cancelled VMC Club meeting. 7:30pm at Barnes Harley Davidson

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Cleanup and campout 2008 part 1 PDF Print E-mail

A collection of images from our first annual spring cleanup and campout.  Thanks again for all of the hard work by many volunteers.


Light Headed

A little light headed

A big thanks to everyone who contributed their efforts to make this event a success with over 50 attendees on Sunday.  Many parts of the property are looking like a well groomed park now due to a significant amount of work by all involved.  This was a great start to a good year and this type of participation is just what the club needs to ensure a strong season of quality events.


 Specifically, thanks to the following people who attended the cleanup weekend.

Aston, Joe
Aston, Matt
Beecroft, Rob
Bolton, Ken
Brown, James
Buhman, Greg
Burton, Ian
Cottam, John
Dady, Chris
D'Argis, Devon
D'Argis, Ian
Edmunds, Rob
Ellison, Rob
Fry, Stan
Graham, Mike


Gronow, David
Gronow, John
Gronow, Paul
Hall, Chris
Harrison, Ashley
Harrison, Simon
Hiller, Rob
Hircock, Ben
Hircock, Patty
Iverson, Mike
James, Bert
Lohrmann, Barb
Malone, Dave
Malone, Liam


Maruca, Bob
Maruca, Sean
Mason, Caleb
Mason, Jen
Masse, Bob
McLaren, Dan
Moore, Doug
Parry, Dean
Petch, Mark
Prouse, Jeremy
Rant, Connor
Rant, Ken
Rebitt, Rick
Rebneris, Chris


Rebneris, Jim
Rebneris, John
Roler, Brent
Roler, John
Roler, Mark
Smith, Alex
Thomas, Jim
Thomas, Nick
Thompson, Joel
Venn, Don
Wallis, Doug
Wark, Jeff
Zeitz, Lee
Zeitz, Steve


Last Updated ( Friday, 30 May 2008 )
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