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Tue, Jun 16th, @7:30pm - 10:00PM
Cancelled VMC Club meeting. 7:30pm at Barnes Harley Davidson


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WEC --- Who all is going - 2009/06/27 17:02
Hey all, How many are going up tp Penticton on the 11 and 12?

Sounds like a great event, see infomation and link to one on the specials they have laid out below.

The race is a 2 day event , with each day scored and trophyed as seperate events . so trophy's each day.

In most ways this event will be easier than what you would race at any event , pn ohss . The major difference is the amount of riding time you will do each day.

the loop will consist of 3 timed tests inside a timed loop of about 50 ks
the test are they only area's that count in your over all time the loop will have a time limit that is very hard to hour out as the transfer,s between timed sections are not at race pace or count in overall time they are trail ride pace. Save all your engery for the specials!!
Transfer #1
Short transfer from the pit area time in to the first special test
Test one
we have built a very cool mx style test section aprox 4 mins long you will go as fast as you can around this natural terrian grass track to get the best time you can,then time out of that special.
Transfer #2
this will be about 30 mins of cool trail to the next test
Test #2
this test will be what we are all used to about 20 to 30 min enduro loop through some sweet single track but once again at full on race pace as fast as you can go time out
Transfer #3
again about 30 mins transfer to the last timed special

Test #3
the extreme test ........ Please do not use all your engery on the transfer before and remeber that after this test it is only 10 min cruise to the pits and 20 mins of rest . This will be a tough test very technical as the name implies but it will be short 5 to 10 min test the pro's ride everything the amatures most likley not, but you will be able to get through the hardest section some how either pushing , pulling , or riding.

Transfer #4
short 10 min transfer to the pits

Rest Period
after timing out of the loop you will have 20 mins to time back in .. use this time to refuel your bike and your body , any quick maintance req then Time back in . and start all over again

The length will be subject to change but at this Time it looks like this .
am 2 loops
experts 3 loops
pros 4 loops
Dont forget though that the majority of time will be at a trail ride pace and really unless you have a mech issue it would be very difficult to time out of your loop . Just ride and enjoy the secenery (some of wich will be fantastic)

Please dont hesitate to ask any questions
This Race is for everyone not just the pro's the course in all reality will be easier than most that we race . with the exception of the short extreme test. All riders must be able to ride all sections.That is the series mandate . And you are only racing a clock and not the guy behind you there is no pressure to not stop, and help someone who is having trouble, in fact we would like all riders, "OUTSIDE THE TIMED SPECIALS" to lend a hand to anyone they see having trouble .. The name of this game is have Fun, Try your hand at a new way to race .... anyways you wont know if you dont try ... Finisher medals to all who finnish !!!!
contact me with any questions kwortman@telus.net
sign up at www.sodbc.ca
Hope to see you there.

Video Link Below



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