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Platinum Boarder
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Brentwood Race Report - 2009/11/02 20:33
First off let me give you a little perspective on the person writing this race report. I love tough races, the more evil the course the bigger the grin on my face.

I have always loved the Brentwood, ever since I discovered it. The Brentwood in my opinion is the one remaining event on the VMC schedule that is truly an expert level event.
With the Terra Nova being down graded to a trail ride over the last few years, the Brentwood is the one bright spot on the VMC schedule.

All right down to the details.

Gary Nordstom and Peter Sprague laid out a great 30 K loop through the hills of Tansky, and let me tell you those hills were alive with the sound of cursing.
Gary also made a decision to let the best rider win and put the speed up to 24kph. This speed was unachievable for mere mortals, so it came down to fitness, talent and tenacity, all ingredients I was sorely lacking on this day.

We all headed out of the pit area and immediately hit a trail named the GATER. The Gater and the next 10k of trail was the evil alchemy of the mad scientist Chris Stokes and it was truly evil this day, with steep climbs through 1 ft + deep mud mixed with polished roots and rock, giving you zero time outside of survival mode.

Once free of the Gator, we received a quick reprieve from the pain as we emerged on to the fire road for about a minute, then back into a nice flowing deactivated skidder trail that tempted you to twist the grip at the risk of become a inch short if you missed seeing one of the deactivations.
We then found ourselves dumped out onto the top of the new CandyCane lane trail, which I have since rename the "DIRTY STICK" as it seem far more appropriate because it was a mess of deep sink holes, interconnected with 6 inch deep, greasy mud.

Once you finished sliding down the DIRTY STICK to the N300 fire road, you got about a minute to gather you wits and start telling yourself to get back on the pipe.
I should have known better, because as I dropped in off the N300 I thought I saw a guy in a red suit with a forked tail laughing at me.
I don't know the name of this trail, but I think it should be call the "Evil Beeatch" This sucker is tight and I mean reeaaally tight, and at the same time steep and I mean can't stay on the seat steep and at the same time rooty and I mean snakes and ladders rooty and at the same time rocky and I mean rock garden rocky and at the same time muddy and not nice mud but the super deep, gooy type that gets on your seat and is slipperier then goose poop on linoleum. When I finally made it to the top of this climb, I was wheezing like an asthmatic with pig flu.
Did I mention I LOVED this race?

Once the heart rate dropped below 220 I was off again. The next section of trail was equally ugly, fortunately it was relatively flat, but once again there was no let up in the tree dodging. Finally we burst out into a clear cut and the first check, there was Boomer sipping water and telling me how every one before me said the trail was easy and to suck it up.

Through the check and off I went, climbing through the clear cut with a thousand sideways logs, up into the trees where the sink holes and floating log bridges awaited, then it was out onto the N300 once again. Finally a break, as we headed up the N300 for about 1 Km.
Normally I would be flying on a fire road, looking to makeup time on a section like this, today however it was all about reeling my tongue back into my head and getting ready for the next round of punishment.

From here it was all downhill, literally, equally challenging to everything previos, only this time gravity was on my side. Down the hardhat trail, up the Husaberg trail and then down Tansky main to the pits.

Once back at the pits I took stock. I had about 50 lbs of mud stuck to me and 75lbs stuck to my bike. I realized almost immediately that if I didnít head out in the next few minutes all this mud would set up like concrete and some one would have to chip me off the road. So quick gulp of water and the back out to see my friend the GATER.

=======================Race Report Ends===========================

I would like to thank Gary Nordstrom for putting on a first class event and having the back bone to truly give us an expert level loop.

A shout should also go out to Peter Sprague and the whole BCORMA crew who have whipped the Tansky into a first class riding area.

Canít wait for next year!

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Senior Boarder
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Re:Brentwood Race Report - 2009/11/03 19:47
Good report Tim, I rode the loop the week before, at least I think I did, it was marked with blue arrows and B09 and was around 30K on my GPS. It took me 2.4hrs on my trials bike and I was to tired to do another loop.

Decided that I had better not enter the real event as it required two loops and they would be calling in a chopper to take to me to the cardiac unit part way into loop2.
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Platinum Boarder
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Re:Brentwood Race Report - 2009/11/06 17:48
Glad to hear that the Experts were challenged, but enjoyed the course. That was the goal when I suggested the course design to Gary.

For the record, 14 Seniors/Intermediates started, 3 went out for a second lap, 1 finished. So the Brentwood lived up to its namesake as an Expert level enduro. As Tim stated above, the Brentwood has always been considered an Expert enduro. There is only a trophy for the expert class.

Quote for an old veteran "Thats the hardest enduro I've done".

I personally enjoyed the course as a Senior/Intermediate rider, I was just slower than a slug. I like sports that push me way beyond my imaginary physical limits. Must be from my old days as a long-distance sled dog racer and mountaineer/ice climber.

Next year we will have some Double Diamonds for the Experts and B splits for mortals. What do riders think about making the Brentwood a "Hard Enduro" in today's vernacular? There was some talk of specifying that the event is for Expert enduro riders & senior/intermediate trials riders. Is that a good suggestions?

How do riders think about the speed averages? In reality the enduro was a HS with an enduro start. This is an event for you, so we need your feedback to make next year's even better.
Peter Sprague
VMC XC Committee
Executive Director, BC Off-Road Motorcycling Association
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