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Fresh Boarder
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Re:Bike registration and licensing info - 2015/03/14 15:17
Recently looking into ORV registration, it appears that I, like many others, will need to get a "Missing Signature Declaration form (MV1484)" notarised at what seems to be a cost of around $50 each. Any owner of a bike that does not have any paperwork is going to have to go through this.

Perhaps the club could organize some kind of signing event at a discount? I don't have the time nor expertise to pursue this, but it might be a worthwhile club activity if anyone were willing to take it on. Perhaps it is already in progress and I am unaware of it. Perhaps one of the club members knows of a Notary willing to do this on the cheap.

While I can understand collecting people's frustrations on this to exert political pressure, most of us just want to get it done as easily and cheaply as possible. Sharing information on this seems worthwhile.


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Platinum Boarder
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Re:Bike registration and licensing info - 2015/05/06 10:06
Hi David, sorry for the delay in replying. I am awaiting a reply from Front Counter BC to confirm that a Commisionaire for taking of affidavits, can full fill this job. I will post details here when I recieve an answer. Ben
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Platinum Boarder
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Re:Bike registration and licensing info - 2015/07/16 10:18
Front Counter BC can use a comissionaire for taking affidavits to sign the ICBC 1484 form with multiple vin numbers for one cost.
Here is the quote from the ministry of Forests and Natural resource Operations, that is the lead on registration and licensing.
"In terms of the documentation required for proof of ownership, it was anticipated that owners of older ORVs may no longer have a copy of their sales receipt or other documentation to prove ownership. So, similar to on-highway vehicles, ICBC requires a statutory declaration from ORV owners (this also helps ensure stolen ORVs are not registered). Please note that multiple ORVs owned by the same person may be included in one statutory declaration form. I understand that a Notary Public can provide this service or Service BC who have agents that are also Commissioners for taking Affidavits I have been informed that Service BC charges $15. If you have any more questions about proof of ownership for registration, please visit ICBCs website: http://www.icbc.com/vehicle-registration/specialty-vehicles/Pages/Off-road-vehicles.aspx or email Tony Carpenetti with ICBC at tony.carpenetti@icbc.com "
Thanks. Ben
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Fresh Boarder
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Re:Bike registration and licensing info - 2015/10/26 16:47
Well... I just did it. Here's what I learned:

* Fill out the MV1484 form and run it past your ICBC agent to make sure it has the required info before paying someone to notarise it. Just my recommendation as notaries don't care what the paper says, they just want the money. Having to go back and pay again would suck.

* Yes, there are Commissioners for Affidavits at Services Canada, but they only do "their stuff." They sent me to City hall, across the street.

* City hall has Commissioners for Affidavits, but they only do their stuff. They sent me to the court house... which the kind lady said might do it.

* The court house security/info guy said "we don't but they might in Court Registration, maybe... around the corner." So, I go there and take a number... 22, now serving 13. So, being a biker, I left.

* A Notary a block a way on Broughton by the library, Lisa Stevenson (another nice lady), did it for $30 quick-like. No idea why I have to pay someone to look at my ID and stamp a paper when ICBC is going to look at my ID and use a different stamp, but whatever. I'm off to ICBC.

* When the nice ICBC agent asks, DO NOT SAY you will be crossing highways. NO, NO, NO. That will be $25 per year, minimum, thank you very much. You just ride on Crown Land, got it? That is the magic question that sets the rate class.

* If you bought your bike before June 2010 (5 years?), then they can waive the sales tax, though they have to put in the exemption but not cite it somewhere else... that was another call to the ICBC agent help line. There were a few.

* You will get a plate and it will cost you money. They do have the stickers, but they won't issue them until after Nov 1st (don't ask me why, only some wank in ICBC knows the answer to that and it's not worth another call to find out).

* After Nov 1st, but before the end of the year, they will exchange a plate for a sticker, if you prefer to go that route, free of charge.

So, all told, 2 hours of parking, a couple of km in walking around downtown, $30 for the affidavit, $48 to ICBC (registration fee and plates), and I'm legal. Not exactly the nicest way to blow off a vacation day, but it's done.

Hopefully, this might help someone else through the process.

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