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Tue, Jul 16th, @7:30pm - 10:00PM
VMC Club meeting.

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Victoria Motorcycle Club Print
Mailing Address

VMC RPO town & country, PO box 48138
V8Z 7H5

Telephone: No Phone. Use member list
Fax: No Fax

Information: Executive:

President - Dave Horner

Vice Pres - Mark Fisher

Secretary - Peter Grant

Treasurer - Perry Chow

Membership - Peter Grant (interim) volunteer needed for position

Directors - Brent Donaldson, Dave Fair, Gary Gronow, Jordan McFarlane, Justin Roach, Mick Hornick, Nick Newton

Newsletter: Roger Boothroyd remove spaces from v i c m o t o r c y c l e c l u b @ g m a i l . c o m;

Website: Ian Burton remove spaces from i a n b u r t o n 2 @ g m a i l . c o m